About Us

We are a savvy, energetic bunch of media and conference production folk who love to work closely with our clients to help them organise excellent events whether they’re big or small, local or international.

We’re made up of television and radio broadcasters, producers, directors, journalists and conference experts.

We also have access to a wide range of conference professionals when we need them. They include photographers, image and styling consultants, set and stage designers, television and multi-media production crews and so on.

We work with all types and sizes of events and we can handle a wide range of topics whether they’re major conferences dealing with complex EU policies or more intimate round-table meetings requiring deft handling from our professional moderators. We are adept at dealing with high-profile conference participants whether they’re prime ministers and presidents or industry leaders, inspiring speakers and valued sponsors.

Planet Podium’s founder is the award-winning Irish broadcaster and journalist Karen Coleman. A former BBC foreign correspondent, Karen presented her own international affairs radio show in Ireland for many years. These days she’s the editor of EuroParlRadio which covers stories from the European Parliament. Karen is also a highly skilled moderator who regularly moderates high-level international conferences.

You can find out more about Karen here.

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